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Sri Ramaswany

Sri Ramaswany

Founder & CEO

Sri Ramaswamy, Founder & CEO - Patent holder, thought leader, frequent speaker with more than 22yrs experience in data, advanced analytics and AI in Insurance (15yrs+) and banking.

Launched 2 analytics products for Insurance prior to starting Charlee. Sri is on the board of Insurtech Association and on the leadership council board of NSBA and SBTC (NSBA council).  

Under the vision of Sri, became the first Insurtech A.I. company to leverage natural language processing (NLP) on claims structured and unstructured data for predicting attorney involvement, litigation and severity.

Charlee helps reduce claims expenses, litigation, and efficiently manage reserves. holds 3 patents for its built-in claims large language models, and ontologies and Charlee continues to grow and help insurance companies with reducing claims severity and litigation under the vision of Sri.

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