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Scott Marshall

Chief Claims Officer- K2 Claims Services

Scott is a seasoned Multi-line Claims, Managed Care, Underwriting, and Marketing Executive with over 39 years of experience.  He joined K2 Claims Services as Chief Claims Officer (CCO) in June of 2019 to build a world class TPA focused on exceptional customer service, mitigating Loss/ALAE, & providing state of the art technology.


Scott grew to be a leader at Liberty Mutual where he was responsible for the claim operations on the West Coast.  He then went on to lead the claim operations at Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies & American Claims Management (ACM) and held senior leader roles in Underwriting/Marketing at Arrowhead General Insurance Agency (AGIA) and OnPoint Underwriting.


Scott has an extraordinary background in all types of claims, managed care, ancillary services, underwriting, and marketing leadership in large operations.  He has previously served on the Board of the Pacific Claims Executive Associations (PCEA) and the California Department of Insurance Advisory Board.


Specialties: Management of Insurance, P&C Claims, and Managed Care Entities

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